Kehinde is one of our Project Coordinators, who prioritises assuring our customers that he is available to help with their needs and there to make them happy.

“I do this by prioritising every customer’s need by trying to meet each customer’s deadline, with regular communication either via email or phone to update the customer. The key thing for me is the happiness of the customer and I will go out of my way to seek help from everywhere necessary to achieve this.”

“I love my job because of my team and the way we are always willing to help one another. My manager is so awesome, brilliant, and very understanding. I love everyone, every team member in SCG SW because they are always happy, relaxed, and fun to be around.

This office and environment make me feel at home all the time and so relaxed.

Most importantly, Claire Maddox our top boss, you are the best boss anyone can ever wish for. You are so down to earth, very friendly, passionate, and very helpful.”

When asked about his proudest moment at SCG South West, Kehinde grins,

“My proudest moments are when customers give feedback either via phone call or email expressing how happy and satisfied they feel noticing my help in meeting their deadline, even in the shortest period. Providing them with a quality service is so important and every customer satisfaction is my proudest moment!”

When you ask Kehinde to share their favourite SCG SW product or service, it’s a simple answer;

“The product/service we provide that I love and why, providing our customers with quality IT hardware, quality and effective IT products and service, and quality phone systems.”

So, there you have it. Kenhinde Adesulure. The friendly project coordinator delivering exceptional service, every time.