Terri Jackson

Spotlight on Terri Jackson

Although Terri is not directly in a customer focused role, she notes that every one of our team work toward giving our customers the best service possible. “All of our internal processes work to keep our teams efficient and I am one of the cogs in the wheel supporting our senior management team to ensure […]

Michelle Watson

Spotlight on Michelle Watson

When it comes to doing what we do, it’s often our customer service team that you’ll encounter. Michelle is one of the friendly voices you hear answering the phones when you ring with an enquiry. She says, “How I answer the call and listen to their query makes a real difference for the customers and […]

Sarah Clark

Spotlight on Sarah Clark

Sarah is one of the lovely people in direct liaison with our customers, providing excellent service for new and upgrading customers alike. She says, “I like to think of myself as the middleman pulling together all the relevant people to make things happen for our customers. I’m an organiser so doing a job where I […]

Simon Lake

After studying CCNA and wireless transmission a good few years ago I thought I knew how the internet really worked and functioned. It wasn’t until I joined SCG two years ago that I discovered how vast and complicated the world of internet and telecommunications was. Working with a team of experts and the training I […]

Dimitrios Anastasiou

SCG is an amazing place to work as it gives you the opportunity to get involved with daily multiple tasks at the same time. All the members of the team are always helpful and willing to assist you with any difficulties you may have. We all work hard to ensure that the customer is happy […]

Emma Lavis

I graduated in October 2018 in Network and IT, two weeks later SCG took me under their wing. In 6 months, considering my study is network and IT, I am now working with telecommunications, too. SCG is a great place to work with the Support and teamwork, technology is a fast-changing progression, and having colleagues […]

Lucy Berry

I love a job with variety and at SCG no two days are ever the same.  There are always new challenges and everyone works together to help and support one another.  We all drive to do the best for our customers and will often go above and beyond to achieve this.  I am very lucky […]

Lauren Somers

SCG is a great company to work for. They have supported me in many ways over the past 6 years and they always have my best interest at heart. During this ever-changing industry, everyone is always keen to learn new technology. We are all ready to face any challenges that head our way, and we […]

Sarah Clarke

One of my favourite aspects of my role is following a project through from beginning to end, from receiving the paperwork from the sales team, right through to seeing the customer using their new system and all the exciting and sometimes challenging bits in between. Everyone at SCG works as a team and it’s lovely […]