Seamless IT and telecoms to support and protect your staff and pupils.

Building on years of experience working with schools, colleges and other educational establishments, our team understands the unique requirements of your blended network.

Providing consistent monitoring to keep things running smoothly, combined with on-demand technical support exactly when you need it, we have the expertise to handle the complex needs within your school network, securing and safeguarding pupil-led activities, while facilitating educator-led activities too.

We’ll help you get the most out of your network, maximising productivity while minimising costs, cybersecurity compliance and data protection, and of course providing technical expertise when you need it, too.

Maintaining your technology and IT suite

As essential equipment for all your teaching, learning and administrative processes, it is essential that your network is operating effectively. We support this by:

  • maintaining the network including hardware and software to ensure it is performing at the optimal level

  • managing real time updates and security patches to maximise your cybersecurity and data protection

  • providing unlimited ad hoc IT support for all your network needs, including upgrades, installations and troubleshooting

  • monitoring equipment performance to identify potential end of life scenarios early, enabling better capital expenditure planning

  • secure data backups with pre-upload antivirus, to ensure virus free backups. These can be used in the event of a full or partial system restore, for example if the school was hit with ransomware

  • hardware and software provision as appropriate

  • maximising the performance of your network whilst minimising the cost and providing an exceptional service to your school

Supporting your pupils

Your IT infrastructure is an essential part of learning, from interactive learning portals to learning journals, online research to presentation. It is therefore essential that it runs effectively, whilst intrinsically safeguarding your pupils too. We support this with:

  • web filtering to control and limit online activity to sites which are appropriate for the age and ability of the pupil

  • endpoint antivirus to prevent accidental compromise of your systems through human error

  • administrative privileges and multi-factor authentication where appropriate to prevent unsuitable downloads and installations

  • cybersecurity training  – we have modular online training which can be offered to your pupils at regular intervals to help minimise the human error risk

  • as an adaptive company we tailor our services to your needs. If you have a specific challenge or opportunity within your environment, to support your pupils, we can help make your IT and telecoms provision suit

Supporting your staff

Delivering everything your team needs to teach their way, whilst safeguarding the business network, we can optimise settings to enable the full breadth of activities, without compromising pupil safety or increasing business risk. Using the full extent of the network, we can adapt to your specific working style including:

  • a blended workplace approach enabling on-premise and at-home working for your teachers. This includes remote access to files, remote back-up, and cloud-access, without compromising security

  • maximised security including device-specific access, two-factor authentication for offsite working, and much more

  • monthly or quarterly cybersecurity training to help keep security at the forefront of staff minds

  • as an adaptive company we tailor our services to your needs. If you have a specific challenge or opportunity within your environment, to support your teachers and employees, we can help make your IT and telecoms provision suit

  • our modern telephone systems specialised for the education sector can be equipped with virtual extensions and virtual pigeon holes, making getting hold of members of staff significantly easier

  • where appropriate, we can also provide business mobiles with tariffs and support packages that suit you

System longevity and safeguarding

Your school is constantly evolving, as you tackle new software and hardware needs, so being able to grow or flex your network to meet these changing requirements is important. We take a flexible approach to network design, install, and maintenance, enabling you to get the support you need now, and update it for the support you need in the future. This helps to maximise the longevity of all your systems, minimising unnecessary expenditure, and supporting with comprehensive capital expenditure planning.

Call recording is a necessary step towards ensuring children are safe in the environment they learn in – giving you access to every inbound and outbound call relating to the child which will aid in resolving disputes and addressing concerns around safeguarding. Additionally, call recording can be used to tackle absenteeism.

Speak to our team on 0117 900 5000 for more information.

System longevity and safeguarding

Schools and universities are often reliant on a small number of the reception staff who are responsible for taking calls. When calls are missed it can create a bad impression, which is particularly damaging if it’s a prospective student or a worried parent who is ringing.

At SCG, our telephone systems can be equipped with a number of features to ensure a call is never missed:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Call recording
  • Call logging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call queuing

Speak to our team on 0117 900 5000