Proactive IT and Telecoms support for your employees and your users

At SCG, we understand the challenges of public sector provision, and the need to balance your service security with the needs of your end users. That’s why we take a user-focussed approach, understanding your network, and how best it can support every user.

We have years of experience working with public sector organisations, including schools and colleges, healthcare providers, housing associations, councils, and care providers. This gives us a unique understanding of how technology can support productivity, user experience, and your processes, and gives us the experience to handle all your requirements, regardless of the complexity. Everything we do is tailored to your organisation and your network, however, public sector organisations commonly appoint us to support with:

Public-private connectivity

Enabling you to support your clients, without compromising your system security or site speed, we can support with practical internet connectivity. This means appropriate broadband or ethernet connectivity, optimised to support multiple streams of traffic, and to enable your private requirements – the work done by your team – to remain secure and separate from your public requirements – access by your clients.

Practically, this will be a user-management process, setting networks and establishing permissions to manage your system security. It will also ensure that your team enjoy maximum speeds for maximum productivity, without being compromised by client use within your business.

Telephony services

As well as getting your organisation ready for the PSTN phase out, our practical telecom system design supports you to optimise your internal processes. Many public sector phone systems are outdated, making them inefficient, and requiring dedicated management processes.

Our hosted service offers more than that, with a feature-rich platform that allows you to run the organisation as effectively as possible, at the same time supporting your clients with a good user experience.

Maintaining your technology and IT suite

As essential equipment for all your administrative processes, we make sure your network is operating effectively. We do this by:

  • maintaining the network including hardware and software to ensure it is performing at the optimal level

  • managing real time updates and security patches to maximise your cybersecurity and data protection

  • providing unlimited ad hoc IT support for all your network needs, including upgrades, installations and troubleshooting

  • monitoring equipment performance to identify potential end of life scenarios early, enabling better capital expenditure planning

  • secure data backups with pre-upload antivirus, to ensure virus free backups. These can be used in the event of a full or partial system restore, for example if the organisation was hit with ransomware

  • hardware and software provision as appropriate

  • maximising the performance of your network whilst minimising the cost and providing an exceptional service to your organisation.

A sustainable option

Keeping an eye to your social responsibilities, sustainability and environmental commitments are key. That’s why working with SCG means working with an ESG-first business. As well as using a CarbonNeutral certified call carrier, we also specifically select suppliers that are already, or committed to becoming net zero.

We have our own net zero pathway and are ISO14001:2015 certified which accredits our business for environmental management and specifically our environmental performance. This is just part of our ESG value, so please read our page dedicated to our recent efforts.

System longevity

Your organisation is constantly evolving, as you tackle new software and hardware needs, so being able to grow or flex your network to meet these changing requirements is important. We take a flexible approach to network design, install, and maintenance, enabling you to get the support you need now, and update it for the support you need in the future.

This helps to maximise the longevity of all your systems, minimising unnecessary expenditure, and supporting with comprehensive capital expenditure planning. Speak to our team on 0117 900 5000 for more information.