Ethernet Connectivity

Suffering from variable speeds or intermittent internet? Ethernet offers businesses a dedicated internet supply, on a stable platform, with high and consistent speeds.

Dedicated Ethernet connections are exclusive to you, and offer uncontended superfast connectivity, with service levels of 99.999% availability.

We work with leading networks, such as BT Wholesale, CityFibre, and SSE Enterprise Telecoms, to handle the physical installation and then offer flexible, high-performance speeds. This provides greater connectivity and can be adapted to the speeds you need now, and those you need in the future as your business and cloud services grow. Through our ISP status, we ensure you are provided with enhanced service that exceeds that of our competitors.


Where Ethernet Lite services including EFM (Ethernet First Mile), GEA and EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) are available businesses can benefit from Ethernet speeds over copper.

Ideal for businesses

  • needing to move large amounts of data quickly and seamlessly
  • relying on streaming and broadcasting services
  • wanting to access high-quality voice, data, video, and cloud-based services and applications
  • looking for an alternative to leased lines
  • wishing to build and extend their networks and network infrastructures.

Fix Time Guarantee

Users of Ethernet services benefit from fix time guarantees, not available on Broadband services, making it a popular choice for businesses who are dependent on the internet for business-critical applications. Direct connect, secure, managed Ethernet services can be provided as a direct connection between premises (Point to Point Ethernet) and from your premises to the internet (Managed Internet Access).