At SCG, we have vast experience working with car dealerships and provide an all-encompassing solution including powerful business phone systems, superfast broadband, cheaper lines and calls and business mobiles.

Common Telecoms Problems – Car Dealerships
Old Tech Hinders Sales Strategies and Funnels

Car dealerships aren’t just about selling cars, they are about building relationships with customers who buy the car, then come back for their MOT, regular servicing, next car and tell their friends about their experience too. What’s more, with finance plans becoming more prevalent, the lifetime value of converted customers could be considered higher than it has been in the past.

Because of this, it’s important that your phone systems can integrate with your CRM to keep relationships strong. This could be keeping in touch with prospects, letting existing customers know about an upgrade or just collecting feedback, giving customers the chance to voice any concerns that can be rectified before they turn into a negative review online.

At SCG, our business phone systems are designed to fully integrate with your CRM to ensure you never miss a lead again. What’s more, our systems support all modern forms of communication such as IM and video so that any interactions with your customers can be recorded and taken into account before contacting them.

Outbound calls to mobile phones

Part of building these profitable relationships with customers includes calls to them; and with the gradual decline in popularity of home phones, customers are much more likely to provide a mobile phone number – something that can drive phone bill prices up significantly.

At SCG, we’ll take care of all your lines and calls, to ensure that you have the right package to suit your business needs. What’s more, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time and we’ll let you know if there is ever a better deal available for you.

Multiple physical locations

Unified communications are key to the success of car dealerships with multiple physical locations. For example, if a customer wants a car that you no longer have available, you need to be able to quickly get in touch with the relevant department at another branch to check if they have it in stock.

With call forwarding features added to your business phone systems, you can effortlessly call through to another location to check the availability of a vehicle, check on the status of a repair or get in touch with another branch manager – call without hanging up the phone.

Employee training

In any sales or performance-based environments, it is crucial that staff are motivated and have the right equipment and training to do their job, after all, their success means your success as a business. If they feel their development is being overlooked, they may lose motivation which could result in underperformance and, perhaps, a fall in sales.

SCG provide a range of business phone systems with features such as voice recording software – allowing you to listen to calls and help employees improve. These recordings can also be used as future training material for new employees.

Can’t get hold of relevant employees

With very diverse job roles, employees of car dealerships are not restricted to one office or phone line. They could be out on a test drive, inspecting a vehicle, talking to a customer or checking on the status of a repair in the workshop. Not being able to contact these employees makes it difficult to streamline operations and work together efficiently.

At SCG, our DECT phones can be used to allow employees to roam whilst still being contactable. Alternatively, our business mobiles are a powerful solution to ensure employees can be reached at all times.

In the case of both these options, ‘twinning’ can be set up to enable callers to be automatically forwarded through to the relevant employees DECT or mobile phones if they do not answer their main phone line.

Case Study – Heritage Automotive

As an ambitious, growing, multi-locational business that take around 50,000 calls a month, Heritage Automotive needed a telecoms system that could keep up, improve their efficiency and help win them more business.

After a detailed consultation process, Channel Comms provided a total of 200 desk phones along with 100 DECT handsets, with the company’s Brand Director stating that the consolidation of all phone systems had made the business more efficient and profitable. You can read the full case study here.