Do you need a reliable, accessible WiFi network for your business? One that your staff, clients, and visitors can access?

We can establish a network that’s perfect for schools, hotels & businesses, is legally compliant, and has the added bonus of an option to expand your marketing database.

Whether you need a WiFi network for your staff and customers, or you want to provide a public-access WiFi hotspot to drive footfall to your business, you can!

We’re experts in establishing protected, secure and straightforward networks that help you provide the WiFi you want, and can aid in data capture too.

Here are some of the benefits…

Safe and secure

Our WiFi set-up will be safe and secure, with the latest security features and a mandatory personalised login. Many WiFi security breaches occur on unsecured networks where someone uses the free connection to harvest your information, sell it on and access the system as though they owned it; they can also use it to distribute malware or infected software into your customers’ devices, all without them being any the wiser!

Did you know that if someone uses your network to carry out criminal acts and you don’t have their details, you will ultimately be responsible? We can set up your networks to require a personalised login, giving you protection against any illegitimate activities.

A growing database

By requesting that your staff, clients, and visitors log in, you will capture some of their personal data and can provide a GDPR compliant sign-up process to join your database. On average 75% of WiFi network users opt-in to receive marketing messages.

What’s more, for B2C businesses, you can use the added functionality of direct marketing – sending messages and offers straight to the device while a user is logged on – and you can provide incentives for them to connect to and promote you via social media, too.