Whether you’re running a 6 bedroom B&B or a 300 room hotel – in hospitality environments, customer service is key. Having effective hospitality telecoms systems allows you to create added value for customers, provide unmatched service and keep them coming back time and time again.

At SCG, we’ve worked with hotels of all shapes and sizes, providing an end to end solution with a range of speciality products to ensure you and your guests’ needs are met.

Network design to suit you

We’ve been working with hospitality, leisure & tourism businesses to establish networks that work for all your different user purposes; we understand that your network needs to support your team as well as your visitors and that both have different access.

Our expert solutions include:

  • multi-site connections: establishing private networks that connect your different outlets together

  • managed WiFi networks for your guests: enabling them to access appropriate sites and ensuring the system is legally compliant

  • providing telephony that can support both the corporate business and provide guests with free calls

  • ethernet connections for converged services

Common Telecoms Problems – Hospitality Industry

  • Guest satisfaction – At Channel Comms, our phone systems make it easier to get hold of the right people faster to ensure complaints are dealt with before they escalate, with features including call recording, call forwarding and automated attendant to ensure complaints or queries are directed to the appropriate department and dealt with

  • Inefficient communication between members of staff – At SCG, our specialist phone systems are full of features designed to promote effective communication in hospitality environments. For example, the Mitel 400 Hospitality Package which includes features to promote synergy between all departments and ensure excellent service from check-in to check out

  • Slow or no Wi-Fi – At SCG, we offer business-grade broadband to ensure that guests can stay connected when staying at your hotel

  • Systems that don’t integrate – At SCG our phone systems are designed to integrate with leading hospitality management software, we also offer specialist industry-specific applications that integrate with your existing phone system, no expensive upgrades required

Featured product: HOTELMGR

HotelMGR is a fully integrated solution that optimises staff productivity and enhances your guests’ experience by dealing with any problems before they arise.

With this system in place, housekeeping staff can use the bedroom telephone, an app on their phone or a wireless handset to report any problems found when cleaning the room.

Once the issue is raised, HotelMGR directs a ticket to the appropriate person to deal with it. Should a manager need to be involved, staff can escalate the ticket to the appropriate person.

Service Assurance

We understand that unified communications are vital in the hospitality sector. We offer the very best applications to keep your staff and customers connected.  We believe in offering the best products and the highest level of support with Service Protect which, in the event of an issue arising, allows us to take on those important conversations with your suppliers and leaves you free to serve your customers.