Amir Mahmood is a Service Assurance Technician, part of the team responsible for troubleshooting customer problems and providing exceptional customer service.
He says “Working at SCG South West I find the environment very positive and the team are fantastic to work alongside. The job never gets boring as the issue is never the same!
I’ve always been treated really well and appreciate the way I’m left to handle my workload and trusted to do the job properly.”

For our customers, timely responses, and quick resolutions to resolve their issues is key, as is building a relationship with the customer. They need reassurance, support, and the knowledge that it will be fixed promptly.

When asked what his proudest moment at SCG South West is, Amir smiles,

“Providing sales opportunities because of my quick support and service has to be up there. I have also had a few customers request me by name because of my service which is a wonderful feeling! The relationships I’ve built up after such a short time are impressive and it feels like I’ve been working here for a long time.”

When you ask Amir to identify his favourite SCG SW product or service, he comments: “Office 365 support and Windows are my favourite, probably because I have a lot of knowledge about them.”

So, there you have it. Amir Mahmood, the friendly voice working to support our customers and fix their issues, whatever they may be.