Archie Pinnell is a recent addition to the Service Assurance Technician team and is already getting stuck into solving customer problems!

“My proudest moment at SCG South West would have to be when I completed and closed my first ticket on my own. I had been shadowing the team for a few days gaining an insight into how to deal with problems until I got my own ticket and was able to resolve the problem with no issues.”

Archie’s passion for customer service clearly shines through:

“I think the thing I do that has the most impact on the customers is just calling and speaking to them. This especially relates to those people who might not have many people around for most of the day.

Giving them someone to speak to whilst helping them with their issue could make their day.”

Being able to dig into a problem is also really rewarding for Archie.

“The thing I enjoy most about this job is being able to see the advanced side of things I already knew about, such as seeing the depth of technical details relating to someone’s servers. The service we provide that I love most is the internet and routers to residents and companies.

I enjoy being able to log onto those routers remotely to view connected devices and troubleshoot issues. Being able to add to my knowledge has given me a lot more confidence and makes my day much more interesting!”

So there you have it, Archie Pinnell, a Service Assurance Technician ever growing in expertise.