Mohima Hussain is a Customer Relations Executive, one of the lovely people in direct liaison with our customers, providing the exceptional service that SCG SW is known for.

She says “Listening to our customers and understanding them and their business to ensure we give them a bespoke service is key. I love working with SCG SW as everyone is so knowledgeable and has such vast knowledge of tech, that it feels like a school day every day!”

When asked for her proudest moment, Mohima beams,

“I have many yet to come! But most recently, I had a customer who did not understand why our recent merger took place. After explaining and building a relationship with him, he has now grown his business with us, taking our special Evonex systems straight from Panasonic.

Educating and empathising with customers matters.”

It may seem unusual to some to be passionate about a telecoms product but Mohima is.

“Recently, my favourite product has been Evonex. Selling this product feels like a passion, it offers such a diverse service and features. It fits the bill, helps customers move with modernity, and best of all, it is our own product.”

So, there you have it. Mohima Hussain. The smiling voice working with new and upgrading customers, providing them with the exceptional products and service they expect.