Although Terri is not directly in a customer focused role, she notes that every one of our team work toward giving our customers the best service possible. “All of our internal processes work to keep our teams efficient and I am one of the cogs in the wheel supporting our senior management team to ensure everything is running as it should.”

When asked about her proudest moment at SCG SW, Terri says “Although I am still relatively new to SCG South West, I think I am most proud of the work I have done with Marianne, our Governance and Compliance Officer, on calculating and targeting our carbon footprint reduction.

As an organisation, we take our ESG responsibilities seriously and we have been busily gathering data to produce our first carbon reduction plan. This has been a really interesting process and by the end of this year we should have our first carbon reduction plan in place. This is a process that is taking place not just within our regional office but across the whole group.”

Terri explains what she enjoys most about her job in one simple phrase: “the diversity of it.”

“I support our Senior Management Team, I’m our HR designate, I oversee our H&S activities and I work on projects ranging from producing our carbon calculator, redesigning our SharePoint site, the introduction of a staff reward and recognition platform, liaising with suppliers on their supplier documentation etc.

No two days are alike and that keeps me on my toes!”

When you ask Terri to identify her favourite SCG SW product or service, she comments “I suppose you love what you know, and I love all things 365! I recently worked on revamping our SharePoint site, which we have named Pebble, bringing together the data for three companies into one space, to make it easier and more organised for our teams to access information.

If our team processes are working internally, it means we provide an enhanced service to our customers. I think the integration and intuitiveness of the 365 offering makes the way we work so much more efficient, the link between Teams, SharePoint and Outlook, the advanced analysis provided by Power BI and the automation that can be built into processes via workflows all add to our overall output.”

So, there you have it. Terri Jackson. The multitasking maven keeping lots of plates spinning!