Telephone Solutions
for Retail

Choose from a wide selection of on-premise and hosted solutions for the Retail Industry.

Southern Communications have been supplying communication solutions for over 50 years and have a range of telephony solutions that complement the needs of the retail Industry.  Our range of flexible telephony solutions, connectivity and mobile solutions enable your staff to be easily contactable, wherever they are, whether based in a single store or moving around locations.

Evonex – Hosted Telephony for Retail

Hosted solutions enable a cost effective way to connect a number of smaller retail outlets to the main office with the flexibility to move telephone numbers from one location to another for when outlets relocate.

Hosted telephony provides easy number transfer and call forwarding, so in the event a store is to be unmanned the telephone number can easily be re-directed to a different number, without having to pay call forwarding fees.


Our range of hosted and on-premise telephone systems offer a full range of Unified Communication tools, call logging and reporting to help you manage your stores and head office.

We provide free consultancy, installation, training and support for the UK’s leading business telephone systems.

Hosted Cloud Telephony

Significantly reduce costs and improve communications with voice and data solutions hosted in the cloud.

On Premise Telephony

Improve your service with powerful phone systems located on your premises, using both traditional and IP technology.