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How is SIP trunking set-up?

SIP Trunks are configured by your telecoms provider at installation.

Once SIP Trunking is chosen to enhance your unified communications, your telecoms provider will setup and help you choose the best devices for your needs.

Requirements for SIP:

  • The correct connection to carry your VoIP traffic
  • A SIP address
  • A SIP client on your devices
  • Configuration of SIP client
  • Handsets and conference phones (hardware)

After setup, VoIP phone systems will improve your communications with features including:

  • Easy to use web portal and dashboards
  • High definition voice quality
  • Staff statuses, call logging and priority alert
  • Performance reports

To benefit from SIP technology, please see our guide to the installation requirements. If you are unsure if you are ready to have SIP set-up, Southern Communications can assess your business and make recommendations.

When moving to SIP, Southern Communications will help make the necessary requirements to ensure the transfer takes place with minimum disruption to your work.

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