How to get FTTC installed | SCG SW

How to get FTTC installed

At Southern Communications we take care of the whole process and will ensure you have everything you need to benefit from FTTC, once our team have confirmed that your premises is within the right distance from the FTTC cabinet in your area.

Establish the distance

Once you make an enquiry, our team will establish if your premises is close enough to the FTTC cabinet to attain the required speeds for your usage. If this is not the case, we can advise on the best alternative solutions.

If FTTC is the best option, we will advise on a suitable contract based on usage, after which we can provide you with all the services you need to get online.

Hardware installation

Fortunately, this is very minimal and can be carried out by one of our engineers or any personnel at your business, or a family member at home. The hardware required on your premises is a modem, router, and internet enabled devices.

Looking ahead

We are on hand to monitor performance and help you should anything go wrong.

Unified Solutions

Whatever your business need, Southern Communications has the experience and know-how to help make it more efficient and optimised so that you can achieve greater heights.