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SIP trunking installation requirements

What is required to benefit from SIP trunking?

SIP trunking can be utilised if you have access to broadband, leased line or Ethernet connectivity and a SIP enabled telephone system (PBX).

If you are not setup to accommodate SIP, Southern Communications can create the right telecoms environment for you to benefit from the technology, including:

  • Suitable bandwidth
  • A contract with a SIP Trunk provider
  • phone system compatible with SIP
  • A secure network arrangement

Once you get in touch, all aspects of your set-up will be reviewed to understand your requirements in terms of users and device integration, allowing our experts to tailor recommendations specific to your business.

SIP trunking has a monthly charge and can be reviewed at any stage with channels easily added or reduced depending on your usage. For more information on the specifics of data connection types, please read about SIP Trunking Providers and get in touch with any questions.

Find out more information about the data connection types for SIP trunking here.

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