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What packages are available?

Southern Communications can provide bespoke packages for your business needs and work with you to create the best payment and features packages.

One off purchase price

NEC phone systems are available with a one-off purchase price for the hardware and software; this includes everything you need to run the system and benefit from advanced telecoms. This saves money over time as you own the equipment and pay no rental fees.

  • All hardware and software owned
  • Training provided along with ongoing support
  • Unified communications system with online dashboard
  • Software updates included in maintenance

NEC phone systems offer several handsets, from standard 6 key phones through to full multimedia handsets to suit different company set-ups that are all intuitive, productive systems for communication.

In the future if you experience growth and require more handsets to add to your system, these can be bought separately. Our range of NEC systems offer reliability and efficiency to small, medium and large businesses, meaning we have the right system for your needs.

Upgrades and add-ons

NEC phone systems come with an advanced range of features to benefit your business, as well as software that’s user-friendly and includes call logging, call recording, call to voicemail and mobile functionality.

As technology develops NEC will release upgrades for their software which are included in your maintenance and support contract.

It is also possible to hand pick add-ons at any point. What these are depends on the system you have installed. If you are currently researching add-ons, please get in touch to discuss your current setup.

Unified Solutions

Whatever your business need, Southern Communications has the experience and know-how to help make it more efficient and optimised so that you can achieve greater heights.