When it comes to attention to detail, unflinching focus, and the ability to relentlessly follow-through, Marianne is your gal. As well as being our Compliance Manager, supporting us to meet our regulatory and certification requirements, Marianne is also the driving force behind many of our operational improvements, including our drive to net zero, our work on our ISO14001 certification, and our customer quality focus.

Introducing Marianne Carter

It’s entirely possible you haven’t encountered Marianne, as she doesn’t work in a client-facing role, so when we quizzed her on her contribution to customers, it might seem like an unfair question. The truth is that everything Marianne does contributes to our success for customers. As she says “My role is making sure that we all live and breathe our policies and standards, such as Information Security, rather than it just being a “tick-in-the-box”. It really matters to everyone in the team that we do a great job for our customers, and the way that we work supports that.”

Interviewing her on her five years at Eurolink we naturally asked her about her proudest moment in the team. She replied “There are so many! It was probably during lockdown, when our team worked so hard to help so many customers find ways to keep their businesses running despite the restrictions and to stay afloat. Ultimately the care and support that everyone showed each other during that difficult time.” We couldn’t agree more Marianne!

When asked about our products and services, Marianne is clear on the value of our managed support services. She says “Not only do they help customers budget and plan for access to our support whenever they need it, but it means we can take care of all those important security activities that all too often can get left behind when people are busy, to keep them safe and up and running.”

When asked about enjoying her role and her place in industry, Marianne comments “How much everyone in the team cares about each other, our customers, our communities and our supply-chain partners. Working with people who go above and beyond is inspiring and a great motivation to make a positive difference.”

So there you have it. Marianne Carter. The focussed, detail oriented superstar who does more for Eurolink than many people realise.