When it comes to doing what we do, it’s often our customer service team that you’ll encounter. Michelle is one of the friendly voices you hear answering the phones when you ring with an enquiry.

She says, “How I answer the call and listen to their query makes a real difference for the customers and I am always reassuring, letting them know exactly what I will do to help.”

When asked for her proudest moment at SCG SW, Michelle smiles

“It’s that customer interaction that gives you a sense of purpose. I love speaking to our customers and was proud to be told by a caller how nice it was to talk to me.”

Working with pioneering systems is also a positive part of the job, “Wildix was a gamechanger, especially during COVID. I am a massive fan!” Wildix is a collaborative communication platform that supports productivity and efficiency within teams, and supported our transition to flexible home working during the pandemic.

So, there you have it. Michelle Watson. The helpful, friendly voice speaking to our customers, helping them with whatever problems they have.