At the end of 2021, we hosted our Eurolink team awards, featuring such categories as “biggest gossip” and “office clown” as voted for by their peers. In amongst the hilarity, we also had the more serious awards, including our “Best Department” as chosen by our team, clients, and colleagues. Getting the 2021 honour of being dubbed our shining stars, let’s get to know the three lovely ladies who head up our admin team…

Let’s start with the basics. What do they do?

Our admin department are the backbone of Eurolink, working in a unique position that both supports our business and our team to do what they do, but also works client facing, supporting our customers too. The team is made up of Karen, Lucy, and Charlotte, who bring not only organisational efficiency, but are a vibrant, bubbly team as well. We asked them to describe what they think is the most important aspect of their job, and how it matters to our customers.

Charlotte comments “I would say that purchasing kit for our customers is what impacts/matters to our customers most. I help our Account Management team source the right equipment for each customer, myself and the Orders team then work to get this configured, delivered and ready for the customer.”

Karen comments “Placing client orders in a timely manner, meeting deadlines, working with admin to get kit, tech to configure and ensuring the customer is a happy bunny along the way.”

Lucy comments “Supporting the team so we can deliver the best results to customers.”

A large part of what the team does is also to support our Resident customers at the retirement villages we work with, summarised perfectly by Charlotte who comments “The three of us are a phone call away to new owners, existing owners, their friends & family etc., to offer advice, support and knowledge on what we provide each residential village. I feel as if this matters greatly to the owner/family member so they are reassured there will always be a human on the other side of the phone.”

Eurolink wouldn’t be Eurolink without our brilliant people, so we asked them for their proudest Eurolink moment

Lucy comments “Coming back to work after Maternity leave and feeling like I had never left and remembering my job 😃” Welcome back Lucy!

Karen comments “My proudest moment is reaching 5 years at Eurolink. Within that time I have worked with many clients/colleagues and have a great understanding for telecoms!”

Charlotte comments “My proudest moment is winning apprentice of the year 2019. Also being trusted and respected enough to be given another team member’s role whilst they are on maternity”

What you most enjoy about your job/the industry?

Karen comments “Breakfast/lunch/home time – the sense of achievement after completing a customer’s order, from the smallest of mobile orders or to bigger projects every time something is completed I can relax and know I have managed the order and worked with other teams effectively and efficiently.”

Charlotte comments “I enjoy managing my time the most, each month/week/day I know what is expected of me and I am in a position to get jobs completed and feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day! The industry is forever changing as scary as that is it is also exciting!”

Lucy comments “Every day is different; something is always changing – it never gets boring. I especially enjoy speaking to our residential customers. I also work with some pretty great people 😃”

So there you have it: Charlotte, Karen & Lucy, our department of the year. You can speak to Gail and the rest of the team by calling 01453 700 800.