You may well be familiar with Paul, who is part of our front line customer support team, and always a friendly, calm voice at the end of our phone lines. Paul is one of our IT/Network Technicians and is absolutely brilliant at problem-solving, with great attention to detail. He’s also the Eurolink boomerang, leaving us in 2018 to pursue some new career goals, before returning in 2021 to rejoin our help desk. We are absolutely delighted to have him back!

Introducing Paul Jenkinson

Hearing a calm, considered, unflappable voice on our help desk support line? It might well be Paul, who is always on hand to support our clients and problem-solve their technical needs. Customers comment on his calm nature, his genuine helpfulness, and his tenacity in ensuring any troubleshooting issues are resolved in a timely fashion.

When asked about his impact for customers, Paul says “I feel that what matters most to our customers from being on the help desk, is that we are here to assist and support with any queries or faults, and resolve issues promptly, so that they can continue with their work with minimum disruption and that we continue to provide professional and knowledgeable support.”

Interviewing him on his time at Eurolink, we naturally asked for his proudest moment. Paul said “After I left Eurolink in 2018 to be a field engineer, my proudest moment was being asked to come back and having the opportunity to return in 2021, to see how much the company had grown to provide more services, embraced new products and technology, and to be part of a team that shared the same values and ideals that have always been at the heart of Eurolink.

When you quiz Paul on the technical aspects of his job, he’ll tell you he most loves working with Microsoft 365 products, because they incorporate all of our customers’ needs, in a simple, straightforward way for the user, without compromising security or quality. Paul says “With Microsoft 365 we can provide a robust and accessible platform that allows our customers to manage and organise their businesses smoothly and effectively. With the data security of our 365 security pack we can ensure that our customer data is secure and protected, especially with recent events that caused customers to adapt the way that their business runs. We were able to assist in allowing remote workers to be able carry out their roles as if they were in the office, while maintaining the same level of security and accessibility.” We use Microsoft to support our customers’ needs from emails to SharePoint file sharing, as well as device and data led security.

We couldn’t let Paul escape our conversation without asking him why he loves our industry. He comments¬†“What I most enjoy about this industry is the technology and applications that help people’s working and personal lives become more productive. We now incorporate technology into many aspects of our lives such as communication and entertainment, we can access our favourite media, from movies and TV shows to gaming and music, all on demand. We can have video chats with different family members over long distances, which is especially important for my daughter, as being able to see and speak to her grandparents on a regular basis and to show them what she had been doing in school is a big highlight of her day.”

So there you have it. Paul Jenkinson. The calm, friendly voice on our help desk support line, and one of our IT/Network superstars.