If you have an Android device and you use the Outlook app to access emails, then you will need to double check your software and potentially even upgrade your phone. Android has announced that from 23 May 2022, they will no longer be offering support and updates for Outlook, if you are using the Android 7.1 operating system or below.

The operating system, which is used to run the facilities, apps, and interactions on your phone, has updates released periodically by the manufacturer, in this case Android. The updates are there to maintain performance and update the technology, but perhaps most importantly of all, they offer security patches and updates to help protect your phone from known vulnerabilities. Despite the obvious benefits, many users actively avoid upgrading the operating system, in fear that it will take up lots of space on the phone, or change the way the phone is working.

In this case, Android is making Outlook support “end of life” from 23 May 2022, if your phone uses OS7.1 or below. This will mean no more security patches and no more known fixes, leaving your phone vulnerable. It will also mean that you will not be able to upgrade to new versions of the Outlook app, which may stop it working, or cause operating issues.

When does it happen? 23 May 2022

Who does it affect? Anyone using an Android phone should double check their operating system (see below). If you don’t use an Android phone, you can disregard this message.

What should you do?

  • Check your operating system (see below)
  • If you running a version that begins with 7 or less, upgrade to the latest Android 10.0 operating system (or the highest version available for your phone, as long as it is 8.0 or higher).

It could be possible that if you have a really old phone, it will not have the capability to support the upgrade, in which case you will need to change your phone. We strongly advise this because as well as getting the latest technology, you will also get the latest security protections.

Why should you do it?

Although you may not provide phones for your employees, if they use their own devices to access work documents and emails, your business network is vulnerable without these upgrades. It is worth auditing any devices connected to your systems, and working with your employees to ensure they have a good understanding of cybersecurity, and robust security practices.

How do you check?

Checking and updating the operating system will depend on the handset specifically, but usually this information will be found in Settings >> About your device / About phone >> Android Version. This will list what version you are on, as well as any available upgrades. Follow the instructions to make the upgrade.

Need help?

Our team can help with auditing your network to identify risks and vulnerabilities, as well as supporting with the necessary upgrades. You can reach us on 01453 700 800 for help.