With most of the nation now working from home, have you considered how you are effectively managing your team to be answering calls and maintaining ‘business as usual’? Call-wait times increase during lockdown, with reports of customers waiting over three hours in some cases, specifically in the banking and utilities industries. This is leading to frustrated customers that then potentially leave harmful reviews or under-score your business services.

Research shows that 81% of callers that were put on hold for 1 minute – listening to a professionally tailored Music on Hold production, with dynamic music and script – thought they were on hold for less than 1 minute. This is encouraging news as a study by Arise in 2017, found that while around two-thirds of consumers would accept hold times of less than two minutes, 13% said that no hold times at all were acceptable. What’s more, one-third (34%) of callers hang up and never call back if their call is not answered quickly.

With so many staff now working from home, and calls being diverted to mobiles or home phones, there’s a good chance that your customers’ have either silence or a monotonous ringing tone to occupy them while waiting for an answer. Confronted with silence, 90% of callers will hang up within 40 seconds. Having the right Music on Hold production to play modern tunes, or carefully tailored marketing messages can dramatically improve the caller’s experience while waiting for an operator.

It is easy to maintain your professionalism and provide a seamless service to you customers; there are many options available to you.

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