The PTSN and ISDN switch off is happening across the UK, but what does that mean for you and your business?

PSTN and ISDN run on wholesale line rental, an old, often unreliable network. Wholesale line rental will be closed down by Openreach in December 2025 with customers already unable to buy any new PTSN and ISDN lines now.

PSTN lines are used for more than just voice calls though, they can be used in CCTV, lift lines, marina and docking for boats, and card payment machines, amongst others. It’s amazing how much of the technology we use daily is connected to our phonelines.

You would also be surprised how many fax machines are still in regular use! They use PSTN too.

As part of your plan for the switch off, you need to consider all of these. As a starting point, contact the device provider to ask, “Is it IP enabled?”

Many of these systems will already be IP-enabled but only by conducting an audit can you accurately assess the scale of the changes required.

The benefits of IP transformation

There are many benefits of IP transformation. It will allow you to better manage your infrastructure, unify your communications, and better allow you to monitor and improve operations.
The greatest benefit though is probably its simplicity. You can simplify your infrastructure, lower your costs, and improve efficiency and reliability.

Futureproof your business by making these changes ahead of the 2025 deadline by speaking to SCG SW today.

We’re also happy to audit all your systems on your behalf, so that you’re not caught out by PSTN.