When it comes to jargon-free advice, and business-relevant solutions, Jamie is your man. Jamie is our Commercial Manager, and lead for the Account Management team. He originally joined Eurolink for a change of industry, and came to the business with limited sector knowledge. This has created an advantage for our customers, giving Jamie a unique ability to translate the technical details of any service into simple-to-understand solutions, that fit within your business context. It’s why we get exemplary feedback on his approach, and why our customers love to work with him!

Introducing Jamie Lewis

Jamie is one of, if not the most recognisable face within Eurolink, so if you haven’t crossed paths with him yet, it is only a matter of time. He spends all his time working directly with our clients, so when we asked him how he makes an impact and what matters most, we weren’t sure how he’d answer. Everything he does has a client impact, so what would he choose? Jamie said “I think my biggest impact is drawing on my knowledge from many different business sectors and being able to apply this knowledge to IT, Telephony, Internet Connectivity and Networking. This enables me to offer our customers a relevant solution from a single supplier.”

It naturally follows therefore to ask him what product or service he loves the most. Jamie replied “I am most proud of my involvement in the design of our Support as a Service plans. They offer our customers peace of mind that their hardware is continually being maintained and secured, in a world where cyber threats are a continual risk.”

When asking about the wider industry, and what he enjoys most about our sector, Jamie replied “Using the constant changing nature of technology to solve problems, and ultimately help businesses maximise their productivity whilst reducing their day to day involvement in how their tech works.”

Only one question remains. What is Jamie’s proudest moment at Eurolink? He says “Putting together and training the current account management team and now watching them flourish.”