As Louis heads for retirement from office life, it seems only fitting that we put him in the spotlight for a staff interview, reflecting on his many years bringing a sense of peace and calm to the office. As Head of Security, Director of Team Cuddles, and Chief Sniffer, Louis has given many years of fantastic service here at Eurolink. He is known for his quirky dress sense, his speed-hopping walk, and his sense of purpose, checking on guests and visitors as well as our team members.

Introducing Louis Maddox

While small in stature, Louis is big in personality, and he often steals the show with Eurolink visitors. He stalked the empty halls during Covid, wondering where everyone had gone, and has been much happier on the return to work and a buzzing office environment. If you described Louis in three words, it would be stately, efficient, and friendly, and he is definitely part of the fabric here at Eurolink!

When asking him what he likes most at Eurolink, Louis raises an aloof eyebrow wondering if we are yet again disturbing his office-chair nap. He sighs with a little grumble, then promptly responds ‘woof’, which we take to mean the treats, closely followed by the warm welcome and cuddles he receives every day. When asking him about the work we do, Louis gives us a puzzled stare, before reminding us that he doesn’t have time for this nonsense, hopping off the chair to follow someone to the kitchen, just in case!

All that remains is to wish Louis the best of luck for his retirement, featuring a heavy dose of naps, the odd countryside walk, too many snacks, and a lot of monitoring the house security. He will be missed, but his protégé Molly is already well-trained to pick up the slack!