Sarah is one of the lovely people in direct liaison with our customers, providing excellent service for new and upgrading customers alike.

She says, “I like to think of myself as the middleman pulling together all the relevant people to make things happen for our customers. I’m an organiser so doing a job where I get to plan, create timelines, and pull together teams to make things happen makes me happy. However, the thing I most enjoy is working in those teams. When we all come together to turn things around for our customers it’s super satisfying!”

When asked about her proudest moment at SCG SW, Sarah will tell you that her proudest moments come when the team receives details of a new project and works together to deliver. “Sometimes I think ‘I’m not sure how we are going to manage that!’ but with a lot of teamwork (and sometimes some blood, sweat and tears) we make the transition to new systems as smooth as possible. Those projects always feel the most rewarding!”

When you ask Sarah to identify her favourite SCG SW product or service, she comments

“Did I ever think I’d love a phone system?

No, I certainly didn’t, but our cloud-based phone system has lots of things to love about it!”

“I always tell our customers ‘You could be on the beach in the Bahamas and as long as you have an internet connection, still answer the phone as if you were at home.’ I’ve yet to answer my phone on a beach in the Bahamas but the option is there!”

So there you have it. Sarah Clark. The calm, friendly voice working with new and upgrading customers, helping them work from wherever they want to.