For the person that won “Office Clown” at our 2021 Eurolink Team awards, Simon’s fun-loving personality doesn’t overshadow his place as an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable part of the Eurolink team. Simon is one of our IT/Network Technician’s and he is truly brilliant at developing great relationships with customers and colleague’s alike, at the same time knowing how to also bring a dash of fun into the workplace.

Introducing Simon Lake

Simon is one of our help desk superstars, providing a calm and patient voice at the end of the phone for queries and emergencies alike. Customers comment on his ability to provide unswerving support during the troubleshooting process, even if it is complex or they struggle to understand. Comments from our customers include “has the ability to liaise at any level with all of our team“; “always friendly and approachable and never makes you feel stupid“; “extremely patient and excellent at deciphering what our issues are when we are decidedly not IT professionals“; and “he has IT skills as well as good customer service & old school problem fixing – he’s easy to work with.”

When asked about his proudest moment at Eurolink, Simon will tell you it was winning our Employee of the Year award. He’s done so much since he’s been here and is a truly invaluable member of the team. You will quite likely hear his voice on the other end of the phone if you call the helpdesk on any given day!

When you ask him to identify his favourite Eurolink product or service, he comments  “ISPB in a box. I love the whole virtual networking process involved in the ISPB to allow us visibility over our customers. I also enjoy the monitoring systems that we have in place which I have assisted with some of the setup. I’ve even managed to implement some of this technology and infrastructure within my own home.” How’s that for dedication? Simon’s selection highlights an important part of what we do: systems monitoring and ongoing support to help identify and implement strategies before things go wrong, not just after the fact!

So there you have it. Simon Lake. An IT/Network superstar. We leave you with one final comment from Simon about why he loves what he does in our industry and he says “Everyday is different and as a business, I enjoy the growth and changes that we make to evolve and successfully overcome certain it/ networking/telephony challenges.