Adopting Windows 11

As part of their evolution in performance, security, and infrastructure, the major operating system (OS) providers – Microsoft, Apple etc. – provide an updated version of their OS at fairly regular intervals. Most commonly provided as a free upgrade to existing users, it will feature a unique set of enhancements compared with the previous version. […]

Are a few pounds a month really worth the risk?

As businesses face the choice between DIY IT systems and credible IT support, many opt for the ‘cheaper’ option to do it all themselves. The question is, is it really cost-effective, or does it undermine your overall billing strategy for the month? Our MD Claire takes a look at the key questions you should be […]

Cybersecurity Round Up July 2021

There has been a big jump in the number of breaches recorded in July compared with June, with 33,727,641 breaches recorded and 86 security incidents in July 2021. That makes the overall total of security incidents stand at 815 and the total number of breached records at 3,980,757,735. Oxford City Council Data Breach Oxford City […]

‘Pingdemic’ protection: your emergency IT survival kit

In the latest wave of challenges causing businesses to pivot, we have the ‘pingdemic’, with individuals being asked to self-isolate after contact with a positive COVID-19 case. True, the government is proposing a major overhaul to these rules on 16 August 2021, but the question is whether you will be changing your workplace rules too? […]

Ethernet versus Broadband for your business

Internet access is likely the lifeblood of your business, running everything from your cloud-based software to your information research, your email infrastructure and potentially even your phone system, so when was the last time you audited your speeds, and are you using the right solution for your business? Most of us only check speeds when […]

Are you ready for the telephone apocalypse?

Alright, so we might be being a tiny but overdramatic, but our message is sincere. Did you know that at the old-fashioned and outdated copper cabling system known as ISDN is being phased out, with a gradual obsoletion plan in place and a big 2027 switch off? Thought not! Despite plenty of coverage in the news, […]

The rise of double extortion…

As if the idea of a cyberattack wasn’t bad enough, many nefarious actors are now taking advantage of victims with a wave of double extortion sweeping the internet. So what is it, and why should you be worried? The basics Whether you fall foul of ransomware, phishing, credential stuffing, or a good old-fashioned hack, the […]

Hope for Tomorrow

We’re delighted to be supporting mobile cancer treatment charity Hope for Tomorrow…