A wonderful day with our customers

We were thrilled to welcome a lovely bunch of our customers to the BT Assembly building in Bristol on Wednesday 4 October to hear all about SCG, our partners, and the technology available to support your business, team, and productivity. We had some brilliant guest speakers from EE, BT Group, and members of our own […]

Cybersecurity Round Up May 2023

May was an astronomical month for data records breached, with more than 98 million records breached across 98 incidents. This compares to 4.3 million in April, 42 million in March and 29.5 million in February, but it doesn’t come close to the astounding 277.6 million in January. The majority of the 98 million breached records […]

Cybersecurity Round Up April 2023

The breach figure for April took a nosedive compared to previous months, with ‘just’ 4.3million records breached, compared to 42 million in March, 29.5 million in February, and a whopping 277.6 million in January. Over 50% of April breached records came from a US medical services provider – Shields Health Care Group – who saw […]

Cybersecurity Round Up March 2023

With just shy of 42 million records breached, March has seen a number of high profile incidents, including a breach at Latitude Financial accounting for 14 million records, and a breach at Australian Telecoms company AT&T accounting for 9 million breached records. What’s more, a new report released in February, highlights that the Australian media […]

Cybersecurity Round Up February 2023

Compared with the 277 million records breached in January 2023, February’s 29.5 million records seems insignificant in comparison. It isn’t though. 29.5 million records is still a huge number, and it’s disappointing to see. Of these 29.5 million records, just over 20 million come from a breach at PeopleConnect, a business that conducts background checks, […]

Reflecting on the 2022 cybersecurity landscape

2022 became the year of password hygiene, as experts around the world highlighted the very simple, but very important step of improving passwords to help protect your systems. Poor passwords are responsible for millions of breaches every year, and making simple improvements could have a very significant impact. Overall, there were more than 1,000 major […]

Microsoft Teams exploit serves as an important reminder for staff training

At the beginning of September, a security researcher identified a potential security flaw with “GIFShell”, which can be used to send GIF images via Microsoft Teams. The research found that threat actors are actively exploiting the flaw, and using it to launch phishing attacks by sharing files that include covert commands for the theft of […]

Cybersecurity Round Up July 2022

As July drew to a close, almost 100million records had been breached, which was nearly three times as many as were breached in June 2022. The number of incidents didn’t spike particularly (85 in July compared with 80 in June 2022), but the severity of some single incidents created the uplift in breached records. Virtual […]

BT and Openreach Industrial Action

We have had a number of customers get in touch with us regarding the strike action in the BT and Openreach workforces. The strikes are set to take place on Friday 29 July and Monday 1 August, and clients are querying what this means for them. According to BT and Openreach responses, if industrial action […]