Making the move to digital: the PTSN and ISDN switch off

The PTSN and ISDN switch off is happening across the UK, but what does that mean for you and your business? PSTN and ISDN run on wholesale line rental, an old, often unreliable network. Wholesale line rental will be closed down by Openreach in December 2025 with customers already unable to buy any new PTSN […]

A wonderful day with our customers

We were thrilled to welcome a lovely bunch of our customers to the BT Assembly building in Bristol on Wednesday 4 October to hear all about SCG, our partners, and the technology available to support your business, team, and productivity. We had some brilliant guest speakers from EE, BT Group, and members of our own […]

BT and Openreach Industrial Action

We have had a number of customers get in touch with us regarding the strike action in the BT and Openreach workforces. The strikes are set to take place on Friday 29 July and Monday 1 August, and clients are querying what this means for them. According to BT and Openreach responses, if industrial action […]

2G & 3G mobile network switch off

As you may already be aware, the UK government has agreed with UK mobile network operators that by 2033, all 2G and 3G networks in the UK will be switched off. This is because 2G and 3G networks are considered “legacy” technology, and are no longer compatible with emerging technologies such as Open RAN, meaning […]

DMARC: National Cyber Security Centre email security check

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched a new security tool, enabling businesses to check the security settings of their email domains. It can be used to help businesses to determine how secure their domain is for email, and identify any vulnerabilities which may need to be addressed, including privacy and potential spoofing issues. […]

Is it safe to save my passwords in my browser?

Whenever you enter a new password on a website, it is likely that your browser prompts you to “save this password” for next time. There are of course some great advantages to this. You don’t have to remember them, it speeds up the process of your next login, and depending on which browser you are […]

Ethernet versus Broadband for your business

Internet access is likely the lifeblood of your business, running everything from your cloud-based software to your information research, your email infrastructure and potentially even your phone system, so when was the last time you audited your speeds, and are you using the right solution for your business? Most of us only check speeds when […]

Cybersecurity Round Up May 2021

In May 2021, ransomware still dominates the list of data breaches and cyber-attacks this month. Out of 128 publicly disclosed incidents in May 2021, 40% were ransomware attacks. The breached records are much lower compared to April 2021, despite 115,861,330 records being breached, but this can be explained by the fact ransomware attacks do make […]

Does your infrastructure support your PCI compliance?

Following news of the FatFace data breach, which included, among other records, the last four digits of the long number and the three digit security code of customers’ card details, it is clear that PCI compliance is not always achieved, despite UK laws that mandate it. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) […]