Beware the EU roaming charges

While many mobile tariffs include data roaming clauses to help make European travel affordable, people embracing remote working are finding themselves caught out by the Fair Usage Statement. European roaming clauses are designed for periodic travel, typically holidays, short breaks or the occasional business trip. They are not designed for extended periods of travel, working […]

BT and Openreach Industrial Action

We have had a number of customers get in touch with us regarding the strike action in the BT and Openreach workforces. The strikes are set to take place on Friday 29 July and Monday 1 August, and clients are querying what this means for them. According to BT and Openreach responses, if industrial action […]

2G & 3G mobile network switch off

As you may already be aware, the UK government has agreed with UK mobile network operators that by 2033, all 2G and 3G networks in the UK will be switched off. This is because 2G and 3G networks are considered “legacy” technology, and are no longer compatible with emerging technologies such as Open RAN, meaning […]

Android is phasing out some support for Outlook

If you have an Android device and you use the Outlook app to access emails, then you will need to double check your software and potentially even upgrade your phone. Android has announced that from 23 May 2022, they will no longer be offering support and updates for Outlook, if you are using the Android […]

What is a softphone application?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about our PIPPA hosted phone system.

Have you considered your approach to remote call answering?

Have you considered how you are effectively managing your team to be answering calls and maintaining ‘business as usual’?