In excellent shape for our ISO standards

ISO standards provide an internationally-recognised certification in a particular area of your business and have long been recognised as the epitome of doing things the right way. Since 2014, Eurolink has been inspected annually against the ISO27001:2013 standards to review our security management systems, and this year is no exception. November saw us undertake reassessment, […]

A bumper time for staff achievements

For the last few years, our Managing Director Claire Maddox has led an intensive period of staff development, supporting every member of staff with their personal development goals, their job satisfaction, and their opportunities for progression. It is a key part of the culture here at Eurolink, and it’s seen our team make some incredible […]

Making progress on our ESG commitments

Ever since we made the move into our “new” offices in 2009, our environmental commitments have been a high priority. We’ve focussed on sourcing carbon neutral suppliers, implementing carbon-saving strategies in our office, and harnessing the power of technology to reduce our team’s carbon footprint. You can see more of our ESG progress on our […]

Bringing our A game

We’re bringing a competitive edge to March with our team health & wellbeing challenge… When discussing the concept of individual health and wellbeing, our team struck on the idea of a team fitness challenge, to outpace each other on foot during the month of March. Fitbits at the ready, a number of our team have […]

24 hours free of tech?

It might seem odd for a telecoms & IT company to be extolling the virtues of a day without tech, but that’s exactly what we’re doing! It’s all part of the “National Day of Unplugging” which happens annually for 24 hours on the first weekend in March – this year, that’s 5-6 March 2021. It […]

Hope for Tomorrow

We’re delighted to be supporting mobile cancer treatment charity Hope for Tomorrow…