A wonderful day with our customers

We were thrilled to welcome a lovely bunch of our customers to the BT Assembly building in Bristol on Wednesday 4 October to hear all about SCG, our partners, and the technology available to support your business, team, and productivity. We had some brilliant guest speakers from EE, BT Group, and members of our own […]

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Spotlight on Sharon

A bubbly go-getter in our Account Management Team, when Sharon Adams isn’t busy chatting to customers and planning fit-for-purpose account upgrades, you’ll find her driving our charitable fundraising with themed events and plenty of baking. Sharon is great at getting to the core of what a client needs, aligning it with technology that will work, […]

In excellent shape for our ISO standards

ISO standards provide an internationally-recognised certification in a particular area of your business and have long been recognised as the epitome of doing things the right way. Since 2014, Eurolink has been inspected annually against the ISO27001:2013 standards to review our security management systems, and this year is no exception. November saw us undertake reassessment, […]

Spotlight on Marianne

When it comes to attention to detail, unflinching focus, and the ability to relentlessly follow-through, Marianne is your gal. As well as being our Compliance Manager, supporting us to meet our regulatory and certification requirements, Marianne is also the driving force behind many of our operational improvements, including our drive to net zero, our work […]

Spotlight on Paul

You may well be familiar with Paul, who is part of our front line customer support team, and always a friendly, calm voice at the end of our phone lines. Paul is one of our IT/Network Technicians and is absolutely brilliant at problem-solving, with great attention to detail. He’s also the Eurolink boomerang, leaving us […]

A bumper time for staff achievements

For the last few years, our Managing Director Claire Maddox has led an intensive period of staff development, supporting every member of staff with their personal development goals, their job satisfaction, and their opportunities for progression. It is a key part of the culture here at Eurolink, and it’s seen our team make some incredible […]

Making progress on our ESG commitments

Ever since we made the move into our “new” offices in 2009, our environmental commitments have been a high priority. We’ve focussed on sourcing carbon neutral suppliers, implementing carbon-saving strategies in our office, and harnessing the power of technology to reduce our team’s carbon footprint. You can see more of our ESG progress on our […]

Beware the EU roaming charges

While many mobile tariffs include data roaming clauses to help make European travel affordable, people embracing remote working are finding themselves caught out by the Fair Usage Statement. European roaming clauses are designed for periodic travel, typically holidays, short breaks or the occasional business trip. They are not designed for extended periods of travel, working […]

Spotlight on Simon

For the person that won “Office Clown” at our 2021 Eurolink Team awards, Simon’s fun-loving personality doesn’t overshadow his place as an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable part of the Eurolink team. Simon is one of our IT/Network Technician’s and he is truly brilliant at developing great relationships with customers and colleague’s alike, at the same […]